Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Did you know that many of the challenges that autistic people face can be significantly reduced with the right strategies and the right routine?

Autistic people are particularly vulnerable to low mood and anxiety because most environments are set up in ways that require the person to adapt to fit in or cope.

  • You may experience difficulties coping with change, trying new things or going to new places and/or meeting new people.
  • You may have difficulties making or keeping friends. Some people feel misunderstood by others or may struggle to understand other people’s behaviour and intentions. 
  • You may feel that in order to fit in, you need to act in a particular that is not really you (this is known as “masking”). 
  • You may notice that some sensory stimuli may be overwhelming, unpleasant, and sometimes even experienced as physical pain. 

You can do well and overcome the challenges you face with the right support and in the right environment. I can help to think about how to adapt the environment to your needs and/or to develop skills and strategies to cope.

Autistic people often like the structured nature of CBT, and small adaptations can make a difference to more successful therapy. There is also growing evidence that EMDR therapy can be really helpful to reduce the intensity of emotions that the memory of some past events have in our lives. 

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can help you to understand how your brain works, how to overcome anxiety and how to find connection with other people without compromising who you are, what is important to you and what you need. 

Find Freedom To Be Yourself Again.